I am my label, my label is me

The Lena Quist brand is all about celebrating an edgy, unique, personal style. Being your most fabulous, confident, self in an outfit that demands attention, where you make or break your own rules. 

Since I started designing clothes at the age of 14 I've always had the dream about couture, and I have always followed my own path, done things my own way, so I knew from the start that a traditional clothing label was not for me. I love creating and being a part of the whole process in the making of the garments. From idea to finished product. I take great pride in my craftsmanship and making the designs myself, instead of mass-producing faceless fashion. 

I work only with the finest spandex fabrics, and spend lots of time constructing and perfecting the patterns so that the garments fit the body perfectly. In order to make the advanced designs I've studied couture sewing techniques and found a way to apply them to the stretch materials I use, to give the pieces an exquisite finish. Lots of time goes into each and everyone of these designs and they are made to stand out in any crowd.

The Signature Collection, called The Future Is Now, is the foundation of the Lena Quist brand, where all the elements come together and meet, from the futuristic space theme, to androgynous glam rock and the more relaxed silhouettes sprung from Christian mysticism. These three forms the core of my creative inspiration.